Meet the VA : Ian


Back in the 90’s when Ian left school he initially trained as an electrician but soon found a passion for design & development – so went out and taught himself how to code in HTML. Being a new trend not many businesses had a website so Ian decided to offer his skills to his employer and they soon added them to their list of services. Ian was then approached by News International to work on their email marketing campaign designs and from there he learnt his trade as an email marketing specialist.

Nearly 20 years on Ian still enjoys coding and designing websites as well as planning and executing email marketing campaigns and has worked with some big brands over the years.

In his spare time Ian manages a local football team as well as coaching his son’s side. He loves being able to help others wherever he can.

If your business could benefit from the expertise of Ian or any of our other virtual assistants in the UK please get in touch on 01483 332220 or [email protected]. We love to take on the tasks you don’t have the time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do. We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

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