Caroline Copp

Caroline Copp

Caroline's career began in the Events Management industry where she worked on a variety of events for the private and public sector.

Having spent the first 7 years of her career in Events Management and the past 6 years as a small business owner its fair to say that Caroline has a mixed background. As a business owner she found that it's important to cultivate a wide and varied skill set with a strong ability to drive projects forwards, be adaptable to take on a variety of “roles”, and maintain a strong belief in your product and its market.

Having run her own business for 6 years Caroline has first hand knowledge of how hard it can be to "grow" when working on only the day to day tasks.

Caroline works to support small to medium sized businesses with a variety of tasks allowing business owners time to do what they do best.  She is genuinely interested in the world of Business and Entrepreneurs and is able to offer a flexible service to businesses in need of some support or expertise to enable them to grow.

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