Will you be hopping around this Easter?

Will you be hopping around this Easter?

Will you be hopping around this Easter?

With the sun shining and the daffodils in full bloom it definitely seems that Spring has sprung this week and that means the Easter holidays are just a few weeks away.  Whilst Easter might be a time for yummy chocolate treats and cute fluffy bunnies, it can also be a potential headache for your business.  

Many of our clients are small business owners, often juggling their businesses around family and other commitments.  With children home from school how can you balance your business and your clients’ needs as well as your family?  Holidays can also be a busier time for some businesses so you may need to be thinking about how you can add resource to your business for this short period of time, in order to maximise the potential sales window.  

Services like call answering can ensure that even though you may be away from the office you don’t have to risk missing out on a new business opportunity.  Web based tools such as Hootsuite can be used to schedule social media activity to carry on whilst you are away, and email marketing campaigns can be drafted well in advance to ensure continuity for your clients.  

At Get Ahead VA we pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.  Clients pay us for the exact work that we do - there are no hidden costs, no holiday or sick pay.  Why not give us a call on 01483 332220 or email us at office@getaheadva.com to find out how your business could benefit from our call answering and social media services this Easter?

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