When age does matter!

When age does matter!

When age does matter!

When it comes to the age of your website domain name, age can make a difference. In this case, being old can be a good thing – making you appear more experienced. Of course, the difference between a few months and a year isn’t massive, but maintaining the same web address for your business (even if you change the front end design or back end structure) can be of benefit in the long run for your search rankings. 

Search engines also take into account how long your domain name is registered for in the future. If your domain name is shortly due to expire it can raise questions. Are you planning to stop trading soon? Are you committed to your business for the long term? If your domain name is registered for another ten years then it can demonstrate confidence in your business, product or service and that you are planning for the future. 

Not sure how old you really are? You can check out the age of your domain name and the expiry date for free using websites such as who.is. Your website can be a highly valuable asset for your business and a main source of income so it is important to make sure it is protected and you are using it to its full potential. 

Of course, domain age is only one of the many hundred factors that search engines take into account when assessing your website. Age alone will not secure you good results – quality, up to date content should always be your first priority. 

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