Want to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

Want to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

Want to become a successful Virtual Assistant?

Back by popular demand, The Virtual Assistant (VA) Taster Day run by Carmen MacDougall is taking place on Thursday 17th July, 2014 in Kings Cross, London and promises to be another fantastic event for anyone considering a career as a VA.

Whatever your situation, this live, in-person training seminar will give you a full insight into what to consider and which tools you need to build the first level foundation of your VA business.  The course covers a variety of topics including the ‘7 Top Actions to Take When Launching and Growing Your VA Business’ and the ‘7 Biggest Mistakes Many PAs Make When Becoming a VA and How to Avoid Them’.  The 3 hour workshop also looks at the skills and experience you need, the practicalities of working virtually, contingency plans for challenges you may have to address, finances including what you should be charging and an introduction to marketing.  The marketing overview is specifically tailored to strategies that work when you have limited time and/or resources, including how to conduct a consultation with a prospective new client and an overview of marketing materials such as websites, social marketing and networking.

Attendees to the Taster Day (costing £37) also receive bonuses worth over £190 including a 90-minute audio covering the ‘Key Strategies to Successfully Launch and Grow Your VA Business’, a half-hour telephone consultation, a Digital Ebook and Audio Set on ‘How to Make the Transition from Employed PA to Self-Employed VA’, a 60-minute audio on ‘How to Boost Your Confidence and Attract New Opportunities’ and a voucher worth £50 of training.

Course leader Carmen MacDougall is a leader in the VA industry, having launched her business over 14 years ago when virtual assistance was in its conception in the UK.  An expert multi-tasker she has had three children whilst setting up two businesses after redundancy, as well as caring for a husband who was terminally ill.  Despite these challenges she has still managed to have a successful and profitable business.

Find out more info here - http://vact.co.uk/events-news/vataster

We look forward to meeting you!

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