Top tips for managing the Christmas shutdown

Top tips for managing the Christmas shutdown

Top tips for managing the Christmas shutdown

For some businesses Christmas and New Year is the busiest time of year, with all hands on deck to maximise this vital revenue window.  But for other businesses it is a time where they try and take a well-earned break.  It can be a quieter period with less new business enquiries, fewer orders to process and many staff requests for holiday, leaving a skeleton team to man the office – or none at all.

If you and your colleagues are planning a few days off to spend time with family then here are our tops tips for making sure your Christmas shut down runs smoothly:

  1. Plan ahead.  Decide in advance and in consultation with any employees, key customers or key suppliers when you will shut down and when you will reopen.  Think about and complete any tasks that may need to take place whilst you are away, such as preparing invoices in advance, or scheduling any payments due to suppliers.
  2. Tell your customers.  Use all means available to you – social media, your newsletter, website, email signature etc.  Don’t just leave it to your out of office or voicemail to let people know that you are not available.  By informing them in advance you may be able to address any potential issues, and show you are proactively managing your clients’ expectations.  Use it as an opportunity to wish them all a very Merry Christmas too!
  3. Ensure they know how to contact you or what to do in an emergency.  This is more relevant to some businesses than others, but recommending an appropriate channel such as an emergency  telephone number can avoid clients taking to whatever means of communication they can find to contact you.  Knowing how they can reach you will reassure customers and enable you to tackle any issues quickly and efficiently.
  4. Make the most of your time off.  If you have taken the decision to shut down your business then make sure you do just that.  Try and avoid turning on laptops or looking at emails.  Taking a real break to enjoy time with friends and family will ensure you return more relaxed and refreshed, with renewed vigour to take your business forwards in 2016.

Our team of highly experienced VAs can help you manage the Christmas shutdown – taking on tasks that you need to get done before you close but simply don’t have the time to do – or helping you wade through the post-holiday inbox and play catch up in January if needed. 

Please get in touch on 01483 332220 or email us at to find out more.  We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.  

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