Social Media - Should you outsource or not?

Social Media - Should you outsource or not?

Social Media - Should you outsource or not?

Social media has become a part of many people’s everyday lives – both for personal and for business.  From celebrities taking to Twitter to announce their latest new arrivals, to major companies unveiling their new TV advertisements exclusively online, there’s no getting away from the influence of Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms.

If you haven’t embraced it already, social media could be a key marketing tool for your business – helping you to recruit new business prospects, as well as develop your relationship with your existing customers.  But where do you start?  There are certainly an array of tools out there – from Pinterest to Snapchat, Google+ to Hootsuite, if you’re not a social media specialist then it may be time to call in an expert.

It is true that part of what works most effectively on social media is the personal touch.  People don’t want to listen to a one way stream of sales pitch or to interact with robots – they want to interact with real people.  For some businesses, using social media to open up ‘behind the scenes’ and show clients more of their personal side and what makes their business so special can form huge competitive advantage.

However if you are not confident diving into the world of social media then there are all sorts of training options available to help you get up to speed, or you could choose to outsource.  Outsourcing enables you to get back to what you do best in terms of running your business, whilst ensuring you still have an effective presence on these key communication channels.

Here at Get Ahead VA our social media VAs will agree a specific social media plan using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn - depending on which sites are most relevant for your business.  This could include setting up scheduled posts to ensure you have regular activity on your page, as well as interaction with other pages, responding to comments and giving relevant feedback and likes.  Each social media plan is tailored to your exact needs with interesting and relevant content and it can cost less than you might think. 

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