Is 23rd July D-Day for your business?

Is 23rd July D-Day for your business?

Is 23rd July D-Day for your business?

There is much talk at the moment about 23rd July – the start of the school holidays (for most) and for some businesses it would seem that the end is nigh.  There is gnashing of teeth about how mumpreneurs, start-ups and small businesses – anyone running their business around their families or small businesses employing parents of school age children will cope.  How to keep the business going without 9-3 childcare?  How to manage the costs of summer camps?  How to prepare for the endless ‘I’m bored …’ and the predictable English summer rain?

Of course this isn’t true for everyone.  Some business owners have already planned their schedules around the school holidays and are even looking forward to some well-earned time off and some quality time with their children.  This isn’t easy for everyone and for all kinds of businesses but with some planning you can certainly ease the transition.  

Taking a break is vital for all of us.  Whilst for some business owners this may seem like a luxury they cannot afford, taking time to step back from the day to day business and relax gives you an opportunity to recharge your batteries and approach your business with fresh perspective.  It may provide head space to address the bigger picture and some of the challenges facing your business and allow you to return ready to maximise growth opportunities and tackle any issues head on.  

Our team of highly experienced VAs are here to help with any aspect of holiday cover for your business. 

From simple telephone answering and email services through to sophisticated scheduling of your social media accounts we can make the transition smooth and painless. 

Please give us a call on 01483 332220 or email us at to find out how we can help.  

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