How to use Mailchimp for memorable email campaigns

How to use Mailchimp for memorable email campaigns

How to use Mailchimp for memorable email campaigns

Mail Chimp is an excellent free* tool to help small businesses to start communicating with their customers.  Easy to set up and straightforward to use, Mail Chimp can walk you through how to create and send emails to build your relationship with your clients.

Log on to to activate your free* account and start designing your email from the variety of predesigned templates.  If you have access to a designer you can also have your own templates designed and upload them into the Mail Chimp system.

Once you have put your email together you can send it out to your list.  You can upload an Excel spreadsheet of email addresses or import a more sophisticated database.

One of the benefits of Mail Chimp is that it automatically adds an opt out to your emails and updates your list to reflect the opt outs.  It provides helpful reports which in real time tell you’ your open rates, bounce rates etc.  It also allows you to send emails to certain segments of your list, split test different email titles and grades your list members into stars, reflecting their level of interaction with you.

You can also upgrade to paid for accounts with greater levels of functionality, reporting and higher volume allowances per month.

For help with any aspect of your email marketing please contact our team on 01483 332220 or email  Using Mail Chimp or other systems they can create and manage effective email campaigns to meet your strategic objectives.


*The Basic Mail Chimp account is free.  You can pay to upgrade for greater services.


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