How to use lists on Twitter

How to use lists on Twitter

How to use lists on Twitter

Twitter can be an excellent tool for many businesses but with millions of Twitter accounts out there it can be difficult to keep track. You may be following hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people and it can be impossible to keep up to date with the stream of Tweets coming through.

There are a number of tools provided by Twitter to keep you keep track and Lists are a particular favourite of ours. Lists are simple and easy to use, enabling you to organise the accounts you are following and quickly access their tweets. 

In order to add an account you are following to a list simply click on the ‘More User Actions’ cog and select ‘Add or remove from Lists’. From here you can create a new list or simply click to add to an existing list.

Think carefully when you are setting up lists as you need to name them clearly as well as decide whether you want them to be Public or Private. If you choose public then the person will be notified they have been added to your list – this may be a positive thing as it demonstrates your particular interest in their tweets – however in some cases (perhaps for prospecting or monitoring competitors) you may wish to keep your
interest more private.

If just the mention of Twitter leaves you twisted up in knots then our social media VAs Angela and Susan are on hand to assist.

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