How not to answer your business calls!

How not to answer your business calls!

How not to answer your business calls!

As our economy changes and more and more individuals, particularly women, are choosing to start up their own businesses, the traditional lines between work and play are being blurred.  In many cases we are taking a more casual approach to work – fitting work in around our families, our personal lives and the other demands on our time.  This can benefit both us and our clients, but there are also times when we need to make sure we stay on the right side of professional.

Answering business calls is a classic example.  With more and more of us using our mobile phones as our main point on contact it can be easy to simply hit the green button and answer a call – without considering if answering the call is actually the right thing to do.

Here are some of our top tips on how NOT to answer a business call:

  • With kids in the background.  If you are a working mum then kids in the background may be an everyday part of how you choose to run your business, but it may make it difficult to hear or concentrate.  Clients want to feel they have your full attention, not that they are trying to shout to be heard
  • With travel noise in the background.  Yes you may be out and about driving or on the train but clients need to feel they are your priority which they can’t be if you are also concentrating on the road, or going in and out of signal
  • With a simple ‘hello’.  Of course if you know it’s a regular client calling and they have called your mobile then the chances are they will be confident it is you but for others calling for the first time they may expect a more typical business greeting with your name and your business, so they can confirm they have called the right number and caught you at an appropriate time 

Is it better not to answer a call at all, if you know you won’t be able to answer it appropriately? 

In some cases the answer may be yes, giving yourself time to get to a more manageable situation (as soon as possible) and ring the number back to follow up.

Another option to take advantage of our professional call answering service.  From just £10+VAT a month you can redirect your calls to our highly experienced team and ensure that no call is ever missed and is always answered in a personal, friendly and efficient manner. 

Please get in touch on 01483 332220 or email us at to find out more about call answering and the many other services we provide.  We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.  

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