Harness the power of Market Research

Harness the power of Market Research

Harness the power of Market Research

Multinational companies spend millions of pounds on Market Research every year but did you know there are free* tools you can use for market research too?   Many people have questions in their business that they are looking to answer. 

Perhaps you are looking to launch a new product, but are not sure how much to charge? Or looking for some kind of endorsement for your business to share with prospective clients?  Every business wants their `‘9 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskers'’ statement.

Survey Monkey is a free* tool which helps businesses get answers to questions such as this.  You can sign up for a free account and design a survey with up to 10 questions, send it out to your contacts and review the first 100 responses for free. 

There are predesigned question and answer templates to help if you are not sure how to word your questions.  To help you gain responses there are simple ways to add the survey to your website or Facebook page, or send it out to your database via email.  User friendly graphs of the results mean it is quick and easy to download your results and turn insight into action.  

By harnessing the power of information you can ensure that you are maximising your return on investment in your business.  To find out more about how tools such as Survey Monkey and other forms of market research can help develop your business why not talk to our marketing team.


*The Basic Survey Monkey account is free.  You can pay to upgrade for greater services.

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