Empowering women at the 'Festival of Doers' in London

Empowering women at the

Empowering women at the 'Festival of Doers' in London

Last week we were delighted to attend the inaugural ‘Festival of Doers’ in Bishopsgate, London.  The inspirational event was organised by DrivenWoman - a members’ network that helps women define their own success, become accountable to their goals and make dreams happen.

Inspiration and positive action

The action-packed agenda alternated between talks and smaller gatherings of expert led, hands on workshops.  The exceptional line up of speakers came from a variety of backgrounds including social entrepreneur Dr Priya Virmani, serial entrepreneur Dr. Danusia Malina-Derben and retail entrepreneur Geeta Sidhu-Robb from Nosh Detox.  Workshops were focussed on overcoming obstacles to success including ‘Get strong first in yourself to be able to serve others’ led by Amanda Ready, licensed mental health counsellor and founder of Ready to Empower.  The day ended with a panel discussion on ‘How to have it all – define your own success and create a lifestyle that works for you’ with high profile, successful business women including Ravleen Beeston, Sales Director at Microsoft.

Collaboration and cooperation

Our founder Rebecca Newenham attended the event and said: “The festival was incredibly well organised and had a really positive atmosphere.  Everyone we spoke to was very engaging and there was a real spirit of collaboration.  The speakers were all to the point and practical.  I particularly enjoyed listening to Stine Dulong of Skandihus talking about following your dream and stepping off the escalator, as well as chatting with her afterwards.  All of the speakers attended the whole event and made themselves available for further discussions.  The workshop I attended was led by psychologist Niyc Pidgeon and focussed on how to develop a clear vision and a positive mindset to ensure your vision becomes reality.   I also enjoyed meeting Louise Webster from online parenting community Beyond the School Run and we are already discussing ways in which we could work together.”

The event was such a success that on the day #FestivalofDoers trended at No. 6 on Twitter in the UK.  The date has already been set for next year’s event as 26th January 2018.  If you are interested in finding out more about this year’s event you can watch all the speakers on the Driven Women YouTube channel.

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