Do you have a sticky customer strategy?

Do you have a sticky customer strategy?

Do you have a sticky customer strategy?

Social media can be the ‘glue’ that binds your customer strategy together.  Be it acquisition or retention, like insulation in the walls of your house it can help keep customers’ thinking warm and cosy thoughts about you.  You might not be able to meet with customers on a daily basis but you can interact with them through Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, filling in the gaps between your face to face interactions. 

These social interactions can build on their perception of you.  For prospects it should ensure that the ‘cold call’ no longer exists as prior to that call you have followed or liked what the customer is doing, investigated what they talk about and what some of their current key issues are.  You may have retweeted or commented on their posts, giving them a positive impression of you as someone who is actually genuinely interested in their business, not just someone trying to sell to them.  For existing customers these interactions help you remain top of mind as an important supplier.  It can help reveal more of your personality and encourage your relationship to blossom on a deeper level.

Social media is not just about short term sales but about long term loyalty.  It is not just about building transactions but about building relationships with all of your customers –- both prospective and current, in order to grow your business for the long term.

If you think a `‘sticky'’ customer strategy is what you need please contact our Business Development and Social Media Management teams today who will be happy to help you bond with your customers.


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