Client of the Month: FabLittleBag®

Client of the Month: FabLittleBag®

Client of the Month: FabLittleBag®

FabLittleBag® is a discreet eco-friendly little bag to dispose of used tampons. The bag can then be sealed securely with one hand using patented finger loops. This innovative and brand new product has been designed, developed and manufactured by inventor Martha Silcott.

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Martha’s vision for the FabLittleBag was born nearly 20 years ago when she stopped being a guilty flusher and hated the alternative options of wrapping in loo roll or using nappy sacks. But it took another decade or so to bring this idea to reality, resulting in her giving up her normal, sensible and well paid job in Financial Services to focus on taking FabLittleBag to market. Martha was able to negotiate a deal with Waitrose and Ocado whom exclusively sell FabLittleBag in 140 stores across the UK.

As an entrepreneur and working largely on her own, she has found different ways to work with teams of experts from a remote setting. Not only has she found Get Ahead, but she also works with a manufacturer in Malaysia, a web designer in Newcastle, brand design team in Sunderland and her PR team are based in Central London to name just a few of her ‘team’.

Martha understands the benefits of a flexible, outsourced solution such as Get Ahead and wanted to work with our Social Media team to develop her presence and gain ‘social proof’ online using Facebook and Twitter initially and recently launched on Instagram.

The Get Ahead Social Media team, headed up by Vanessa Hodges our Marketing Specialist, have been able to work with Martha from inception of each platform.

The Facebook and Twitter pages features relevant posts for women discussing issues relating to all things 'periods’. As well as, the individual benefits of FabLittleBag, there is also a huge environmental factor that could change they way in which water companies are able to save tax payers money simply by removing the number of tampons that are flushed away.

Martha’s social media strategy is two-fold, to both entertain and educate her audience about the overall benefits of utilising an environmental biodegradable bag which can offer discretion and ease of use, at a time, which can often be embarrassing or difficult. In fact, mums have been buying FabLittleBags for their daughters as they are perfect for popping into every bag when they are out and about!

Get Ahead have been able to support Martha and her strategy with regular posts and developing followers. To date, the FabLittleBag Facebook page has over 180 likes and Twitter has over 450 followers. The new Instagram page has recently been set up and will begin to build a following in this area over the coming months.

Martha says….”Working with Get Ahead was a God Send, in many ways as I simply did not have the budget to hire a part-time dedicated person to focus on my social media needs. Not being technical in this regard and having to focus on 101, no make that 1001, different aspects of setting up, expanding and firefighting a new business, knowing that an expert was busy ensuring my SM platform was up, running and getting it out there was a real relief. I enjoy the Skype communication too and as for Vanessa, well only one word can describe her: FAB!"

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