Can you write a good story?

Can you write a good story?

Can you write a good story?

Every business has a story to tell.  It could be the story of how your business started or its founder.  It could be the story of a new product launch or a new client won.  It could even be news of an awards win, a charitable event, a working partnership or a new member of the team. Businesses are full of stories that they should be sharing with their audience and writing a good press release is the first step to doing just that.

Here are our top tips for writing effective press releases:    

1. KISS - Keep it short and simple.  It is a mantra for many aspects of business and applies here too.  Journalists are short on time and you need to get your point across quickly and clearly so that they can see what your story is and why they should write about it.  Avoid using jargon!

2. Put yourself in their shoes.  Think about why the journalist should write about your story as opposed to the many others that they get sent every day.  Identify what makes your story unique and relevant to the target audience of their publication or media.  Ensure you attach relevant images in suitable resolution - but don®’t clog up their inbox with too many MB!

3. Be brave!  Write your story and send it today.  If you don®t start sharing your successes no one else will do it for you.  Call the journalist to ensure they received your information and sample if appropriate, but don®t hound them -– they are busy people.  Use social media to spread your message as widely as possible - you never know who might pick it up.

Our PR team can help you not only write exceptional press releases but they can also manage your entire PR for you.

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