Business Cards - what does yours say about you?

Business Cards - what does yours say about you?

Business Cards - what does yours say about you?

For some companies business cards are not that important, but for others they can be vital.  As with all your business communications, a business card needs to support and enhance your brand image and leave the right lasting impression.

With design, colours, finishes, shapes and substrates, the opportunities are endless to create something that is distinctive, unique and really sells your company to prospective clients. 

A standard business card risks letting you down, undoing any good work you have done in convincing the contact to consider using your services. 

What if you have spent time explaining to a potential customer how much quality is a part of everything you do but then hand over a thin, cheap feeling business card?  Or you deliver a message about your ‘finger on the pulse' credentials but then do not have your social media contact details on your card? You could even consider using QR codes or using your business card to highlight a particular promotion to further incentivise the prospective client to call.

Our virtual designer Kate can work with you to create a business card that not only looks good but also enhances your company credentials. 

Just contact us on 01483 332220 or email to find out more.

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