Boost your productivity by working smarter this week - #workwise week

Boost your productivity by working smarter this week - #workwise week

Boost your productivity by working smarter this week - #workwise week

This week is #workwise week and here at Get Ahead VA we are very much taking part. 

Work Wise Week runs from Sunday 14th May to Saturday 20th May and its highlight is National Work from Home Day on Friday 19th May.  Organised by Work Wise UK, the aim of these events is to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as agile, flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home.  Work Wise UK is a not-for-profit campaign and development organisation whose mission is to make the UK one of the most progressive economies in the world by introducing Smarter Working practices.  According to their website, implementing a Smarter Working Policy can lead to significant gains in productivity as well as improved work/life balance which is a win/win for both employers and employees.

Flexible, remote working

Here at Get Ahead VA we are lucky to be at the forefront of smarter working practises.  All of our virtual assistants are home based, working flexibly and remotely.  They all appreciate the benefits of not losing vital time on the daily commute and being able to work as and when they have time available.  Social media virtual assistant Angela says: “Working from home means I am always available for my kids and the flexibility means I can work my hours around my family rather than trying to fit my family around work.”

700 Angela 

Flexible, cost effective services 

In turn, our clients benefit from flexible, on demand services.  They choose to pay only for exactly the services they need, when they need them.  They don’t have to pay for overheads in terms of our premises or technology.  As photographer Moritz Schmittat says: “For me the flexibility of a VA is the key.  Being able to pay by the hour for only the services I need, as and when I need them is the best solution.” 

Meet The Client Moritz

Working smarter, not longer

As Work Wise UK says, “increasing labour productivity is not a question of working harder or longer hours, it’s a question of Working Smarter or more productively and that means making the best possible use of People, Process, Premises and Technology”.  So now is the time to sit down and analyse whether you are making the best possible use of these core aspects of your business.  Are you getting the most out of yourself and your people or are you getting bogged down and distracted?  Are your current processes supporting or hindering your productivity?  Are your premises perfectly suited to your current needs and if not, is it time to move or rent out a desk?  Is your current technology up to the demands placed upon it and enabling you to achieve your goals?

At Get Ahead VA, the vast majority of our clients come to us because they know that they are not making the best possible use of themselves and their businesses.  They outsource to us the tasks that they don’t have the time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do.  This allows them to increase their productivity - getting back to what they do best.

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Our highly experienced team includes experts in marketing, PR, social media management, administration, telephone answering, business development and more.  We pride ourselves on being the staff you don’t see, but the difference you do.

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