Back to school - are you ready?

Back to school - are you ready?

Back to school - are you ready?

September isn’t just back to school time for the children but also for all small business owners!   This is an excellent time to be reflecting on the year to date, and planning a strategy for the last quarter of the year. 

Has your business taken the direction you wanted? If not, what held it back? 

What will you challenge yourself with to get your business to the next level? 

If you’ve had a great 8 months, how will you sustain your success? It doesn’t look after itself; make time now to ensure you’ll be on top of business by the end of 2013 – rather than the other way around.

Use your post holiday energy and motivation to help make it be your best year yet:

  • Maybe tackle one new aspect of social media that you think could be a real boon to your business development. 
  • Join a local networking group, and really commit to it long-term. 

These apparently small steps can bring big results; don’t underestimate them! Equally, plan to review your business strategy at monthly intervals – rather than at the end of the year – so you can make minor adjustments before they become major issues.

Business expansion can be an exciting feature– take a step in the right direction by identifying what you could delegate to a Virtual Assistant. By handing over those time-consuming tasks that you dread – or by outsourcing the jobs which you don’t have the skills or interest to tackle yourself – you free up both time and mental space to focus on what you’re best at.

Make this September’s top priority.

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