Awards can be a real asset for your business

Awards can be a real asset for your business

Awards can be a real asset for your business

Have you ever entered any awards for your business? You may be surprised just how many awards are available and how much your customers value them.  Awards provide a third party endorsement that your business or product really does work.  It tells people that it not only works but it is special and award winning.  

Rebecca was a finalist in this year's national Mumpreneur award and it gave her a great sense of recognition reaching the top 100 from 2000 nominations.

Here are some of our top tips for gaining maximum exposure from awards:

  • Do some research. There are many different awards that are industry, sector or area specific.  Some have very high entry fees and very onerous applications but other are much more user friendly and suited to the small business owner. Some are even free to enter so all it takes is your time.
  • Always consider the information provided carefully.  Most awards bodies advise what judges are looking for and what the individual category criteria are so clearly demonstrate in your application why your business or product meets this criteria.  If you can, add pictures, case studies and testimonials which all help bring your product or service to life for the judges.
  • Share your success every step of the way.  Your social media followers may be interested to know that you have applied for an award– or can even help vote if awards are voting based.  Your local press may be interested to profile you if you are selected as a finalist or even as a winner.  Once you have won, add awards logos or mentions to your website, email, business stationery and all communications where possible.  Your customers will be reassured to know they are using an award winning company.


Our PR team can help find awards that might be relevant for your company to enter as well as write submissions for you and maximise the exposure from awards for your business.

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