3 reasons not to be blue this Blue Monday!

3 reasons not to be blue this Blue Monday!

3 reasons not to be blue this Blue Monday!

Today Monday 18th January, the third Monday of January, is known as Blue Monday.  A tradition started in the US, Blue Monday falls at a time when a combination of wintry weather, Christmas debts and broken New Year resolutions see many of us feeling at our lowest.  But do not despair! 

We all know that negative thoughts are not good for ourselves or our businesses.  They can leave us low in confidence and creativity. 

So here are our three reasons not to be blue this Blue Monday:

  1. The days are getting longer. Yes it might be January and the days are still short, but the shortest day was nearly 4 weeks ago and we are well on our way to those longer summer days and nights.  No more getting up in the dark soon. 
  2. There is an extra day to look forward to.  2016 is a leap year which means an extra day of trading – and a unique opportunity for jewellers and other related businesses as tradition says that on a leap year women can propose to their men.  There are also a number of other major events to look forward to this year which could provide great opportunities for your business, including Euro 2016 and the Summer Olympics & Paralympics in Rio.
  3. There is still time.  2016 is just 18 days old which means there is still so much to look forward to.  There is still time to get your online tax return submitted if you haven’t already.  There is still time to put a Valentine’s Day promotion into place.  There is still time to set some clear objectives and make 2016 the best year yet for your business.  There are still so many possibilities ahead – you just need to a positive mental attitude to ensure that you can capitalise on opportunities and turn ideas into action for your business.


If you are feeling blue when it comes to your business then hiring a virtual assistant might be just the right next step. 

Our team of highly experienced VAs take on the tasks you don’t have time to do, don’t have the skills to do, or simply don’t want to do. 

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